i found some shitty pixeling software too

i found some shitty pixeling software too

what did i download

what did i download

Anonymous asked:
i thought i could feel safe around you. now you terrify me because you think you can pick and choose who has a "real" gender.


You can create and experiment with your own genders and new genders all you want, so long as they are actually genders.

When you start letting there be a free-for-all and saying that it’s a-ok to be ‘object’-gender or ‘cute word’-gender or ‘personality’-gender, you’re not even expressing a gender anymore. You’re using a quirky ‘gender’ title as a cute accessory and in doing that, you are hurting the trans community with your ignorance.

Experiment with genders. Make up your own genders that better describe what makes your gender your gender. But, keep in mind the difference between ‘gender’ and ‘personality’/’intrests’

Your gender is a dynamic variant of of where you rest on a VAST spectrum of masculinity, femininity, neutrois, androgyny, etc. Your gender is a representation of where you fall on that spectrum, or how you move about that spectrum.

Your gender is not 'lol i like music so I am musicgender' or 'i'm 13 and going through my emo phase so I am sadgender'

You’re appropriating trans struggles for your quirky titlecard that you can flash to people for unique-ness points and that’s disgusting.

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WiFi:  connected
Me:  then fucking act like it